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Easy Server offers a complete solution to the businesses ranging from the web hosting services to call center dialers. With years of experience providing the best tele-calling solutions to the call centers and BPO’s, we are now known as the most reliable resource to get such services. At Easy Server, you will get all call-center related solutions with ease and perfection. We are popular in the country to provide the best call center dialers at an outstanding cost.

What is Call Center Dialer?

A dialer is an application that used in BPO’s and call centers to computerize the dialing process to external contact numbers so that the executive or agent listen to certain calls selectively. As call centers want to enhance their productivity, they supervise the time which is spent by an executive to converse to a potential consumer. In order to improve the efficiency, time plays an important role. Call center dialers are important in that scenario as they automatically dial the numbers on the behalf of the executives to enhance their effectiveness.

Different types of dialers offer by Easy Server:

Here at Easy Server, we have an assortment of Call Center Dialers. You can choose as per your call center’s needs and budget. Dialers, we provide:

Manual Dialer: :

In this dialer type, there will be a phone and a line is connected to it. The executive just pick-up the phone and dial the numbers manually. It is the least capable way of conducting campaigns for the outbound calls in the bigger call centers. But yes, it is the most economical way to start something new for the small offices and call centers.

Preview Dialer:

It is one of the best dialers we have. Preview dialer allows the executive to assess all the prospects so they can plan for the talk before the final call. It is an ideal choice for the sensitive call such as inside sales and collections related calls. It is an outstanding selection for low-volume calling on the high detail consumers.

Predictive Dialer:

It contains an algorithm of dialing that ‘predicts’ when an executive will be available and calls are made automatically by the device based on the following prediction to have it prepared to connect the executive’s workplaces when there is a reply by a live phone call. It is a perfect choice for the high-volume calling with a small team.

Progressive Dialer:

It is a fabulous kind of dialer available at Easy Server. In this dialer, the executive signifies his/her availability and only after the executive’s availability, this amazing dialer starts dialing the call from the database automatically. If dialer confines any issue in the call, it automatically terminates the phone call. This fabulous dialer system starts calling the next certain numbers automatically.

Why Easy Servers For Call Center Dialer?

No other call center dialers can beat the efficiency of dialers provided by us. We provide cost-effective and result-oriented solutions to our reliable customers. Apart from growing and sustaining businesses, our call center dialers have some more attractions as follows:

  • Call multiple numbers at once

  • Automated messages

  • Get connected only when a person replies

  • Run polls and surveys with ease

Easy Server is one of the best platforms in India for servers and gateways. Our Voice Broadcasting services are catered to meet the versatile needs of your business. Get in touch with our experts by giving a call or submit ticket. You can also avail the facility of live chat with our expert at our website. We will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible with suitable solutions.