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Salvage costs with GSM Gateway

A device that aims to reduce call costs when calling from fixed lines to GSM networks- the GSM Gateway is a helpful tool for businesses in the world of today.

With calls to mobile networks increasing greatly, organizations that use basic phone systems have had to contend with excessive costs for making mobile calls from fixed lines. By the integration of GSM networks into the existent telephony network, the GSM gateways are able to reduce communication costs.

The benefits of GSM Gateway are not limited to the following:

  • Cost cutting
  • Easily send and receive SMS’s
  • Send and receive FAX messages
  • Forward calls to mobile phone through the mobility extension

Different types of GSM Gateways

Analogue GSM Gateways:

With an aim to help with cost-cutting, these gateways are used to offer a flexible connection between GSM and analogue networks. Analogue gateways are also used for sending and receiving SMS, FAX messages as well as for backing up the data connection.

Digital Gateways (ISDN BRI GSM):

These gateways are the best solutions when you want to make a high number of calls to mobile networks. They are apt for SMEs and SOHOs.

Digital Gateways (ISDN PRO GSM):

With these gateways, owners of SMEs and LMEs can save hugely on calls. You can make multiple parallel calls, which makes them perfect to be used for government offices, financial institutions, and, call centers.

Choose Easy Server for your GSM Gateway needs

Are you the owner of a telephone exchange, call cente or do you own any business that requires huge calls to be made on a daily basis? If your answer to the question is yes, then you have arrived at just the right destination!

At Easy Server, we provide you with the best GSM Gateway products that help you tremendously in cost-cutting. They are also intended to provide you with standard features such as receiving and sending SMS as well as FAX.

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